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E-GO is the first light weight electric skateboard that travels 18 miles in a single charge. It weighs only 13.9 lbs. and has a Bluetooth wireless remote that has a forward and brake. The brake is a regenerative system that charges the battery. Download the free app and use your smartphone to control the board and get direct feedback about your ride. E-GO is the benchmark of electric skateboards. Comfortable to hold and easy to use. Informative LED's, hi/lo speed setting, riding style setting, speed velocity control and even a flashlight. The Bluetooth wireless remote is the ignition key and the dashboard for your cruiser. Intuitive and easy to use, you simply slide to accelerate and slide backwards past neutral to slow down to a stop. With side switches for hi/lo speed and riding style we are sure you will enjoy the controller in the palm of your hand. Don't be surprised at the looks from people as they wonder how you are in control of your E-GO. Comes with a safety strap that slips over your wrist Wheels provide a comfortable ride even when riding over uneven surfaces or encountering small stones that could stop a regular board Lithium ion battery (recharge time 3-5 hours) Battery recharges when breaking Riding time up to 3 hours 90MM Diameter wheels provide a comfortable ride even over uneven surfaces Grip tape Flexible deck Adjustable Ride Personal Electric transportation. Using experience in aerodynamics and lightweight, efficient propulsion, we are excited to introduce the world's lightest electric longboard. For ages 14+.