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Can you imagine owning one of these amazing boats? From the cool killer whale submarine to the weird but incredible guitar boat! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr # 7 Watercar Panther Is it a Jeep? Is it a boat? No, it’s the WaterCar Panther! The Panther claims to be the fastest amphibious boat-car in the industry. It has a 3.7-liter V6 engine in the back with 305 horsepower, retracting wheels, and jet boat drive that can have you speeding at around 45 miles per hour on water (and 80 mph on land). You can gently ease yourself into the water directly from the land at 15 miles per hour. For around 76,000 to 135,000 USD depending on which model you prefer, you can drive on the road and sail through a lake with as much ease as changing shifts. # 6 Iguana Amphibious Yacht The Iguana 29 is a fresh new take on the idea of Amphibious Vehicles. While most of the vehicles that are capable of navigating land and water are usually marketed as cars that can sail slowly through the water, the Iguana Yacht is primarily a boat that you can sometimes drive onto land. While in water it is capable of 35-knot speed, it can deploy caterpillar tracks to navigate the most extreme terrain at impressive top speeds of … 5 miles per hour. While you won't exactly win any drag races with the Iguana, it does seem like a useful investment for anyone who lives near the water and likes to go boating on the regular. # 5 Jet Capsule Reptile The Jet Capsule Reptile is a mini yacht that was designed by a firm called Lazzarini and is actually the second version of its kind that’s even smaller than the original Mini Yacht. It is a half-ton less than the original and can speed across the water at over 50 knots (or 57 miles per hour). This tiny jet capsule can actually accommodate 8-12 passengers, a captain, and a toilet as it flies through the ocean. It is a look into what the future of what boating might look like, with cyberpunky jet-pods being the primary form of travel. For just about 282,000 US dollars you, too, can own a piece of the nautical future. # 4 Killer Whale Submarine This Awesome picture of an Orca is actually not a killer whale, but a submarine. The Killer Whale Submarine is a $100,000 sea vessel that looks and even moves like a real life Orca. It has pectoral fins that actually control the movement of the vessel. On the surface of the water, it can sail at 50 miles per hour and cruise around at 25 mph underwater. Two people can ride inside this mechanical beast, and both of you can simultaneously live your lifelong dream of swimming like a dolphin whale. And like a real Orca, it can even launch itself into the air for some sick stunts. Totally worth 10 years of minimum wage income. # 3 Turanor PlanetSolar The Turanor PlanetS olar, or known as just PlanetSolar, is the largest solar-powered boat in the world. It was designed and built by Knierim Yachtbau in Germany and launched in 2010, then 2 years later became the first solar electric vehicle to circumnavigate the globe. This boat is covered in 5,780 square feet of solar panels which power two electric motors. Although it was initially meant to be a luxury yacht, it is currently being used as a floating marine research laboratory by Geneva University. For those of you who are nerd-savvy, you might recognize its name as a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Tûranor translates to “The power of the sun.” # 2 Footprint Boats Footprint Boats are easily distinguishable from other boats because of their unusual shape, which is kind of reminiscent of a boat made entirely of Legos. It might not look as streamlined as other boats, but that was because every aspect of this boat was designed with the idea that yachts should be affordable for the average man, rather than the richest of the rich. They were designed to be an affordable family getaway on the sea, with a fuel efficient, low maintenance, and lightweight hull. Unlike most of the other World’s Awesomest Boats, more people might be able to afford to take a ride in this boat. # 1 Ekrano Yacht The Ekrano Yacht is a boat concept that has people turning heads even though it isn’t even real yet. It is a concept designed by Jaron Dickson, and as you can see by the images, it will be capable of sailing through the water and seamlessly start sailing through the air. It is being designed with sea life in mind, meant to navigate the water and air in a way that is energy efficient and protect the environment. It is going to work off of a hydrogen-powered engine and would combine the efficiency of flying with the comfortable environment of a luxury yacht. It is currently scheduled for a 2025 release, so we are just a short 10 or so years away from the beginning of living out the Jetsons in real life.