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Here are some bottle cutting ideas: Way 1. By wrap thread Way 2. By fire with candle and other burning item How to Cut Glass Bottles | 3 ways to do it DIY: Cut Square Glass Bottle In 3 Simple Steps How to Cut Glass Bottles with a String and Fire Wine Bottle Cutter 30 seconds Perfect Edge Glass Bottle Cutting GreenPowerScience Guitar Slide 3 Ways to Cut a Glass Bottle - Compilation DIY: Glass Bottle Cutter | How to Cut Glass Bottles INCREDIBLE ! How to cut a bottle with a shoelace! TUTORIAL How to Cut a Glass Bottle in half with Fire and String How To Cut Glass Bottles With String Cut glass bottle - Easy and quickly way How to make a recycled drinking glass from a vodka bottle How to Make a Glass Bottle Cutter How to Drill holes in a Glass Bottle How to cut a bottle using household items 5 Things You Can Make from Glass Bottles WINE, BOTTLE, CUTTING, GLASS, CUT, BEER, MAKING, BOTTLENECK, GUITAR, SLIDES, Kinkajou, GREENPOWERSCIENCE, FRESNEL LENS, SOLAR, GREEN, POWER, SCIENCE, cut,cutting,glass,bottle,cutting glass bottles,ephrem's,cutter,string,wine bottle art,Glass Bottle,drinking glass,drinking,how to cut bottles into glasses Hacks,Mods,Science,Life,Cheats,Pranks,Gaming,diy,howto,how,hacker,cut,cutting,glass,bottle,cutting glass bottles,Glass Bottle, drinking glass,Recycled,drinking,Do it yourself,hack,tutorial,craft,tip,oil,water,tricks,crazy,russian, hobby,making,Fire,2016,example,video,motor,metal,hot,Metal,experiment,burning,Flame,Flammable,hot metal, science fair,science fair ideas,science project ideas,science projects cut, bottle, square, jack, daniels, cuting, cutting, drink, dringking glass, glass, easy, simple, step, tutorial, vase, kitchen, tools, storage, unigue, How to cut glass with fire, Glass (Visual Art Medium), Glass Bottle, Fire, Bottle (Product Category) 3 ways to cut a glass bottle, compilation, How to Cut Glass Bottles, How to, Cut a Glass Bottle, Water, Glass, Cut glass bottle, 5 Beer Gadgets Test, Glass (Visual Art Medium), Bottle (Product Category), cutter, cut, bottles, how to, Do It Yourself (Hobby) Roman, Ursu, Hack, Hacks, INCREDIBLE, Mods, Life, Science, Cheats, Pranks, diy, howto, how, to, hacker, with a shoelace, shoelace, TUTORIAL, How to cut, crazy russian hacker science projects, illusion, science experiments, projects, russianhacker, russian hacker, how to peel an egg, lifehack, life hack How-to, Glass, How, To, cut, glass, with, string, and, acetone, nail-polish, remover, beer, bottle, diy, fire, Do It Yourself, water, agua, resistencia, resistance, electric, electrica, cables, bottle, botella, glass, vidrio, cut, corte, cortar, casero, homemade Recycled, drinking, glass, bottle, How to, Do it yourself, hack, tutorial, DIY, Kipkay, crazyrussianhacker, the king of random, craft, recycle, tip, tricks, glass bottle cutter, glass, bottle, cut, cutting, glass bottle, how to, cutting glass bottles, glass cutter, string, wine bottle, beer, soda, science, Drill, Glass (Visual Art Medium), woodworking, workshop, projects, diy, woodworking projects, woodworking videos, woodworking plans, woodworking tools, cut glass bottle, how to cut a bottle, cut wine bottle, cut beer bottle, cut glass, how to, howto, instructional video, cut bottle, arts and crafts, cut, glass, bottle, bottle cutting, bottle drinking glass, candle, ashtray, vase, egg cup, Glass Bottle, стеклянная бутылка, как сделать, как разрезать, DIY, Do it youself, crafts, 5-Minute Crafts, useful things, lifehacks, tricks, tips, DIY projects, DIY activities, gift ideas diy crafts, recycled crafts ideas, plastic bottle crafts ideas, plastic bottle crafts, diy recycled crafts, lilies of the valley, recycled jewelry ideas, useful things, lifehacks, tricks, tips, Handcraft, Tutorial, crafts, compilation DIY wall decor, DIY Room decor, wall hanging, wall hanging making at home, wall hanging craft ideas, handmade, craft, crafts, crafting, arts and crafts, love, happiness, vlog, themissalliecakes, summer, 2016, cheap, how to, tutorial DIY Cardboard House - Scandinavian | Craft Ideas for Kids on Box Yourself DIY How to make a cardboard drawer organizer DIY Desk Organizer Cardboard DINOSAUR VR Scary DANGEROUS VR Experience 10 DIY Creative Ways to Reuse / Recycle Plastic Bottles ideas with plastic bottles ideas with plastic bottle caps ideas about reusing 5 liter plastic bottles How to make Decorative vase from plastic bottles SCISSORS IN HAND EXTREME ROCK PAPER SCISSORS HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE Creative Life Hacks using Popsicle Sticks How to make a Popsicle Stick Picture Frame How to Make jewelry box | popsicle stick crafts | DIY Miniature Box Cutter DIY How to make a Foam Cutter at Home amazing things can be made with a hot glue gun - hot glue hacks Awesome Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks Air Pistol Vs Candle Challenge DIY Beautiful Water Candle How to Make 5 Emergency Candles - Life Hacks Chloe Tries To DIY! School Glue Makeup: Peel Off Lip Stain Three Cool Ideas Using Cheap DC Motors