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www.wimbikes.co.uk Please like and follow we have so much more than this to come! a cruiser build for hard surfaces was built to customer specifications. the brief was to be able to achieve a speed of 35mph and to have the ability to carry up any hill and have a range of 35miles. after custom building the batteries, boxes to house the electrical components. wiring and modifying all components to handle the high power we came up with this after many hours construction, wiring and insulating every connection multiple times. we created WIM CRUISER Specifications Power Source / battery - 75v 30ah 2250wh/2.25kw/h Motor - Cromotor V3 Ranges quoted without pedal assistance pedalling will increase quoted ranges. Real ranges at wide open throttle! Mode/Speed/Range Economy/30mph/50miles Medium/40mph/38miles Power/50mph/25miles after the success of build and the crowds the bike pulls in when riding we have decided to make a limited line of these bikes to similar specs.to requests for this style build we are building 5 more and taking orders now. to discuss options for build please contact us.electrically WIM can do anything!