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This short video highlights the day-to-day activities you might expect to encounter when you are a Ship and Boat Captain. For more information about this career, including what you might earn, visit http://www.aie.org/plan-for-college/think-careers/career-choices/index.cfm?cid=10258 For more information about planning and paying for college, visit the pages listed below: Finding a career - http://www.aie.org/find-a-job/index.cfm?cid=10258 Planning for college - http://www.aie.org/plan-for-college/index.cfm?cid=10258 Paying for college - http://www.aie.org/pay-for-college/index.cfm?cid=10258 Managing your money - http://www.aie.org/manage-your-money/index.cfm?cid=10258 Please visit the Adventures In Education website at http://www.aie.org/index.cfm?cid=10258