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Rotary blades are your best friend in the studio - so keep them sharp and happy! Pepper Cory shares her top tips. If you'd like to take a class with Pepper, visit http://www.craftsy.com/ext/YT_57_1 to find out more about her online class, Scrap Quilting! About Scrap Quilting: ------------------------------- My online Craftsy class, Scrap Quilting: Waste Not, Want Not, will take you back to the days when quilts were made from fabrics already on hand. I'll show you how to sort your stash, and I'll share some of my favorite scrap quilting ideas. I can't wait to show you how to make a unique paper-pieced quilt from recycled phone book pages, a fun patchwork travel pillow, a wall hanging made with a scrappy nine-patch block, and a new twist on the traditional log cabin. In addition to making these projects with you from start to finish, I'll add some of my favorite design tips specific to quilting with scraps, instruction on stenciling with paint, and how to hand-appliqué a mitered border. And you'll learn some old-fashioned "Waste Not, Want Not" tips, using masking tape, paper plates and your clothes dryer on HOT! I've been quilting since I was a teenager, and now making quilts and teaching others to quilt is my passion. In Scrap Quilting: Waste Not, Want Not, I am happy to share my stories with you and show you what I love best about the art of quiltmaking - all from the comfort of your own home. Once you purchase the class, you'll have access for as long as you want, as many times as you want, and I'll be here to help when you have questions. Craftsy guarantees your satisfaction; if you're not happy, they will return your money with no questions asked. To me, that just makes sense. So register now, and let me show you all the incredible things you can do with that fabric stash. Just reach into your pile of fabric odds and ends, and let's get started! About Pepper Cory: ----------------------------- Pepper Cory has made quilting her life's work. She owned a quilt shop, has written seven books, and designs stencils and templates for quilting, and cotton prints for fabric companies. She is the past president of the International Quilt Association and a recipient of the Jewel Pearce Patterson Teachers Scholarship. She continues to teach in the US and internationally. Pepper also blogs about learning to quilt at the Quilt Studio and shares photos and commentary about vintage quilts at Quilt Flap.