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Watching all these leafcutter ants scurry about collecting bits of greenery may lead one to believe that these ants must really enjoy eating salads, but these fascinating insects collect foliage for a completely different purpose. Leafcutter ants are actually tiny, hardworking farmers that grow bumper crops of fungus to feed their massive colonies. The leaves they spend so much time harvesting are used as the substrate, or base, upon which the fungus is grown. To support their farming activities, a very sophisticated social structure has developed amongst leafcutter ants, where every individual has their own special job to do to help ensure the colony stays healthy and strong. Next to humans, leafcutter ants create the largest and most complex societies of any animal on Earth, and they are the only other animals known to grow their own food from living matter! Watch more videos of fascinating animals at http://www.earthrangers.com/video/